Tax Returns for Entertainers

If there’s one thing Citi Accounts knows about accounting, it’s that it won’t help you entertain your audience. Citi Accounts accounting service is designed for entertainers just like you and help you file your taxes.

We will work with you and provide you an online accounting software so that you can see in real time how much money you are making. We work with various sole traders and limited companies to ensure they file their taxes properly in accordance with Companies House and HMRC. Given we have experience in the entertainment industry, it will help us to an extent, save you more tax than if you went to an accountant without the entertainment industry experience.

With Citi Accounts handling your tax and accounting, you’ll get more time to practice your act and get even better at entertaining your audience.

Citi Accounts | Tax returns for entertainers – services:

  • Submit your tax returns and accounts to HMRC
  • Online software so you can track how much money your making
  • Minimise the tax you’re required to pay
  • Deal with HMRC on your behalf
  • Provide any tax and accounting advice you might need
  • And more…

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