20% of businesses fail in the 1st year.

We can help minimise business risk for you and your family.

An area in which most people lack is business protection. It can be complicated and may seem difficult, but ensuring that you’ve done it right is more than worth it. To protect yourself effectively, you need to have the right strategy in place, which includes:

  • business structure(s)
  • investment structure(s)
  • the right agreements (shareholders agreement, partnership agreement, buy/ sell agreement, etc), and
  • the right insurance(s) (business, income protection, life etc).

Without these, you may be paying significantly more tax than necessary and/ or putting your personal assets, such as your family home, at risk.

What we cover:

These discussions don’t just skim the surface. We dig deep to understand exactly what your needs are so that the best advice can be handed your way. We will run through personal assets, investments, debt, existing entities, employment and business income.

These discussions are perfect for:

  • business owners
  • people considering a new business
  • those who want to learn more about their current structure and strategy
  • those who have no structure or strategy, and are seeking advice

What services do we cover under Business Protection?

  • Best structure for operating your business for tax and asset protection
  • Buy/sell agreements
  • Shareholders agreements
  • Personal insurance
  • Business Insurance
  • Business Review/Rescue advice
  • Liquidations

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