Tax Return for PA or Administrator

It used to be that PA and administration services had to be provided to companies inhouse. However, modern technology means that working remotely is now possible, with everything from email, video calling, and online collaboration.
Therefore companies are turning to virtual, or freelance, admin support more and more often.

Freelance Personal Assistants are perfect for smaller businesses

If you want to work as a freelance Personal Assistant or administrator, you’ll most likely be looking to work for smaller companies, because they won’t be large enough to need a full-time admin employee, or have senior managers who need a full-time PA.

Work with a variety of companies

One of the great things about being an admin or PA freelancer is a more exciting working life, since like freelancers in many other fields, you’ll be\ working with multiple clients at once.

Work wherever you are

Modern technology, including email and video calling, allows a virtual Personal Assistant or administrator to work away from the companies you provide services to. That means you can work wherever you have internet access – you could even be hundreds of miles away if you wanted to.

Work remotely while retaining a high-quality service

Full-time, in-house admin staff usually work in separate offices or buildings from the people they support, so there won’t even be any drop in the quality of the service when you provide remote support.

Moving from full-time employee to PA or Admin freelancer

To be on the safe side, it’s best not to immediately quit your job and jump straight into the world of self-employment. It takes time to build up your \ client list, so you should start doing freelance PA and Administration work in your spare time while continuing to work at your current, fulltime job.

Testing the water

Doing freelance work in your spare time means you can gain experience, build your client list, and see if being a freelance Personal Assistant or Administrator is what you really want to do, while still being able to support yourself with the salary from your full-time job.

Accounting as a freelance PA or Administrator

There are various benefits to freelancing as a PA or Administrator, from the freedom and flexibility to work with a variety of businesses to more take-home pay. But there is one downside – accounting.As a full-time employee, your tax is usually taken care of on your behalf in the form
of PAYE.
As a freelancer you’ll have to keep a range of financial records and then prepare and pay a Self-Assessment tax return at the end of each business year. Accountancy can be very confusing and can distract you from your PA or Administration work.

Getting tax and accountancy advice

With most accountants, you’ll pay them to do your year-end accounts, and then they’ll forget about you until the next year.
But for your business to be run smoothly and successfully, you’ll need advice on tax and accountancy throughout the year, especially in the early days.

Citi Accounts is different

Citi Accounts provides an affordable and specialist accountancy service designed just for freelancers.
Throughout the year we’ll be on hand to give you any tax and accountancy advice you might need, including things like:

  • Take-home pay
  • Which VAT scheme to register for
  • Expenses
  • Tax allowances
  • Choosing between sole trader and limited company
  • Running your business in a tax-efficient way

We charge for our accountancy services in a clear and simple way, which means you’ll never receive an unexpected bill, and you can get in touch for advice henever you want without the worry of being charged a fortune like you would from many other accountants.