Tax Return for Cleaners

With modern life becoming busier and busier, people are increasingly hiring freelance cleaners to clean their homes.
Businesses also require the assistance of freelance cleaners to keep their offices clean, and therefore keep their employees happy.

What skills does a freelancer cleaner need?

  • Fit and healthy: You’ll need to spend hours at a time on your feet, so you’ll need to be relatively fit.
  • Polite: You’ll often be working in people’s homes, so you need to be respectful.
  • Being polite when cleaning for businesses won’t hurt, either.

Flexible: You’ll have to work at different times of the day depending on the job. For example, offices are usually cleaned in the evening, after employees have gone home.

How to find work as a freelance cleaner

Once you have more experience, finding work as a freelance cleaner will become
easier, but in the early days of your new career, here are a few things you can do to market yourself:

  • dd yourself to directories: Online directories such as offer free listings.
    People will be able to find your cleaning service when they search for cleaners.
  • Place local adverts: Placing adverts in local shops and newspapers is relatively inexpensive, and you’ll be able to target a specific population/community.
  • Word of mouth: If you’re looking to clean clients’ homes, they’ll only let you work for them if they trust you. Your existing clients will recommend you to their friends if you do a good job.
  • Social networking: Use social networking websites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to make new contacts, and to tell people about your cleaning services.
  • Set up a website: Most freelance cleaners don’t have a website, so having one to show your contact details and the services you offer will make you stand out and look more credible.
  • Gain experience: It’s important to gain as much experience as possible in the early days, since people will be more likely to hire you to clean for them.

Cleaning supplies

Your clients won’t be too happy if they have to buy cleaning supplies as well as pay you to clean.
You should look into buying all the cleaning supplies you’re likely to need, such as disinfectant and dusters, and bring them with you on cleaning jobs.