Citi Accounts – Your professional accountants preparing quality Annual Accounts, tax returns and reducing your tax bill 

Professional financial advice – provided quickly, efficiently and cost effectively – in a personal and friendly manner. These are the watchwords of the service provided by the accountants of Citi Accounts for clients requiring accountancy advice, no matter what size or type of organisation.

Our main aims are to:

  • Provide professional financial advice in a timely and effective manner using terms that you understand.
  • Provide all our services in a personal and friendly manner as the company is built upon maintaining good working relationships.
  • Ensure that we are working towards a common goal of business growth and that we provide all the services needed to ensure that you maintain your focus on your business.
  • Be agile in our performance and continue to provide up to date software to clients to ease the burden of bookkeeping.
  • Provide first class customer service provision and to ensure that the associated fees for services provided are clear.
  • Provide additional business advice on a range of topics based on our skills and knowledge gained in years of work in corporate organisations and running our own businesses.
  • To act as a first port of call for any business advice.

We can prepare your returns within 5 days

We can help all businesses and individuals to get their finances back on track quickly. Qualified accounts, quality service and we will look to reduce your tax bill.

Who do we help?

Don’t get bogged down with tax returns. We will aim to save you more tax than the fees you pay to us
Lay the foundations for a prosperous future. The right advice will set your new business up for success. Our team will guide you through the start-up phase, putting good habits in place so you can grow your profits faster.
Too many business owners feel as though their finances are out of control. We’ll give you clarity by helping you understand your financial status, reviewing your tax strategy and collaborating on a plan for the future.

We Work For You

You shouldn’t have to worry about extra bills every time you call an accountant, this is why we offer unlimited face to face meetings with your dedicated accountant.


Our Services

VAT Return

We provide advice, complete the VAT return and file it online, relieving you of the stress.

Management Accounts

We can prepare your Full Management Accounts with focus on key business indicators and ratios.


In addition to your personal Income Tax Return we also file various tax returns including Corporation Tax Returns for businesses.

Payroll & Pensions

We can look after all your payroll and pensions requirements to ensure you remain compliant and pay everyone on time.

Business Plans

We can assist in help you prepare your business plan with clear goals and a structured strategy.


A company is always more efficient when it has up to date and correct records processed. We can help  in providing services on a weekly or monthly basis

Annual Accounts

Company Accounts, commentary, Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet and file with Companies House.

Cashflow Statements

We can work with you to provide cashflow statements for either personal or business needs.

Capital Gains Tax

We can provide advice and workings to ensure that any capital disposals are done so in  tax efficient manner

Not happy with your current Accountant

Research shows that 80% of businesses are currently working with an accountant, but what you might not know is 27% if businesses actually want to switch to someone else.

But the sad news is that you don’t end up doing so.

You might not recommend your accountant to someone else,  but you’re being held back because of fears of the time or effort it would take to switch.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, so that you and your business don’t have to struggle any longer.


Why Choose us

We have over 10 years experience in helping 100’s of clients all around London and the UK. We are your trusted business partner.

Dedicated Accountant

ACCA registered


Forward thinking

Value added Service

Growth and Succession planning

Are You Paying Too Much Tax?

Too many business owners lose THOUSANDS of pounds simply because of poor business structures.

If you are a small business owner chances are you are paying too much tax.
Many small businesses fail to have the right structure, planning and tax management strategies in place. Paying too much tax isn’t just costing your business, it is costing you and your family. Losing this money restricts your freedom and will prolong your working life.

At Citi Accounts, we look to ensure our clients pay the least amount of tax legally possible. And that’s just the start-we also help you create the right business structures to achieve the work-life balance you deserve. Imagine having full financial clarity and a clear plan for the future.

We’ll help you make it happen. Get started with a 30 minute consultation where we will identify the factors which are holding you back from optimizing your profits.